Taking the Anxiety Out of Medical Imaging

If you are fortunate, you have always been in good health. You go for your regular checkups, you exercise, you eat right, and you avoid negative habits. However, that can all change in an instant. Whether you have an injury, a sudden illness, or unexplained symptoms, you will need to find answers. As part of your journey, medical imaging may be necessary to try and get to the root of your health issues. It can be frightening to undergo tests and be at the mercy of medical devices. When you prepare yourself ahead of time, you will find that the journey is much easier.

Know the Facts
If your doctor refers you for  advanced medical imaging in Metuchen, ask for an explanation. Find out why you need to undergo a specific type of scan, what will happen while you are there, how long you can expect to wait until you get results, and what the next step will be. Remember that your doctor is trying to help you and wants to find answers to improve your well-being. Keep an open mind.

Learn More About Each Type of Scan
When you are sent for advanced imaging, you may need to under go a MRI, digital x-rays, a CT scan, or an ultrasound. When it comes to an MRI, it may be closed or open. If you are extremely claustrophobic, an open MRI would be the best alternative for you. Be sure to inquire about this option before your MRI is scheduled. Each type of scan is non-invasive. An ultrasound will involve having an ultrasound device applied to the surface of your skin in order to obtain the information necessary, but no pain is involved. None of the potential scans will cause you pain in any way. They are designed to give your medical team another piece of the puzzle about your health.

Prepare Yourself for Your Scan
Once you know what type of scan you are going to have, you can be prepared ahead of time. Follow any instructions that are provided. For example, you may be asked to avoid the use of any type of lotion the day of your scan. You will also want to leave any jewelry at home that day or take it off before you move forward. Remember to breathe and stay calm. It will soon be over, providing your doctor with valuable information about your health. advanced medical imaging in Metuchen

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