The Serious Oxycodone Dependence Crisis in the United States (And Why You Should Choose Professional Detox)

According to, the U.S. consumes 81 percent of the oxycodone that is produced globally. In addition, 29 percent of the patients who are prescribed opioids in the U.S. abuse them. This combination of large amounts of oxycodone and large-scale misuse has helped make oxycodone the deadliest prescription opioid in the U.S.

People who begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, and pain, when they suddenly can no longer obtain oxycodone need help. If they have been abusing the drug, they will also require addiction treatment. However, many people hope to merely go through detox at home and assume they will be cured of their issues afterward. Unfortunately, this mindset is unsafe, as is detoxing at home, and those who have gone through detox still require addiction treatment.

Detox must occur in a professional treatment center, especially for a drug that is as widely available as oxycodone. People who do not seek treatment in one of these centers—or receive help from a doctor—are unlikely to detox safely and, in many cases, will fall victim to relapse. Fortunately, professional detox comes in many shapes and sizes, and different individuals can benefit from different programs.

Medical detox only takes a week or two while ultra-rapid detox can take as little as one day. For those who don’t mind spending extra time on detox, tapering or medication-assisted treatment is extremely effective and usually takes about a month. No matter what option you choose, seeking professional treatment for oxycodone detox is always the safer choice.

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